Expectations, Opinions and Sequels

“Let he who is without bias voice the first opinion.” If we went by that rule, nobody would ever say anything as we are all influenced by our surroundings and/or past in one way or another. Lots of people criticize reviewers of any media for not being completely objective, which is utterly insane. Opinions without bias do not exist and anyone who has spent any time thinking about reviews knows that that is what they are and can only be: Opinions.

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Urge to Write.. Rising..!

Remember me? Because I don’t remember you and I don’t know who let you in here without my permission. You better leave before I call the cops an-.. hold on, somebody’s calling me.

As it turns out I’m not supposed to send you away, so I guess I might as well treat you like guests and explain what is up.

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Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Coming to Consoles

Not just any other fighting game will be up for download in early June.

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Persona 4 Arena Story Screenshots

Because story modes in fighting games are always amazing.

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Assassin’s Creed III Trailer

It has a bear.

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Amazing Pre-order Bonus for The Amazing Spider-Man

There’s another pre-order bonus from another store, but honestly, who gives a crap?

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Diablo III Animated Short Film

As if you needed any more reasons to get Diablo III.

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New Kenshin Game Coming to the PSP

The last few weeks I was made to realize that not a lot of people around here even know Kenshin. How crazy is that?

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Skullgirls Coming to PCs

With cross-platform matchmaking between the PC and PS3!

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La Mulana Not Coming to Europe or America

Now all of you can stop believing in god.

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