Info on the 3DS eShop update’s contents

Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed what we will be able to spend our hard earned money on as soon as the firmware update for the 3DS hits at the end of this month. See the full list after the jump.

Tron being awesome.

She's ready!

It goes as follows:

3DS May Firmware contents:
Nintendo eShop
3DS Ware – Rockman Dash 3 Prologue (200 yen), Petitcom (800 yen)
DSi Ware – import DSi Ware from DSi to 3DS
3D Classic – classic titles in 3D, Excitebike, Legend of Zelda and Xevious will be available
Virtual Console GameBoy – Ikari no Yousai, Phantasm
Virtual Console Game Gear – Sonic & Tails 2, Sonic Drift 2, Dragon Crystal, Columns
Virtual Console GameBoy Color – Super Mario Land, The Legend of Zelda DX (Demo)
Virtual Console PC Engine – games TBA
Demos – 3D Video Player, 3D Game Trailer/Previews Channel, Fuji TV and Nippon TV Previews

– Famitsu

What excites me are Zelda and Zelda…  and most of all: the fact that it says “Virtual Console” in that list. This could be amazing.

Additionally, if you do not plan on buying Rockman Dash 3 Prologue (which is the Japanese name for Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype) you are evil and should get smacked in the face, because the release of the full game hinges on the sales of it! Seriously, it’s 200 yen, which is roughly (very roughly) 2$.



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