Disgaea 4 trailer tries too hard to sound like a movie trailer..

Since Destructoid's video format is weird and vodpod isn't working out for me you'll just have to make do with a link to the site and watch the trailer there. Sorry about that.

Or does it?

You will have to find out yourself. Just please do yourself a favor and watch it to its completion.

As someone who has always adored the visual style of the Disgaea games but could never get into them because 1: They were mainly on Sony systems, which I never owned and 2: Because SRPGs bore me to death, I feel like giving this next installment a try all over again. The more-over-the-top-than-ever (literally) pick up and throw mechanic and – again – the gorgeous art combined with a lot of neat promises from the trailer give good reasons for me to actually give the game a shot. Too bad I don’t own a PS3 (yet?).


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