Eagerly awaiting Mega Man Legends 3

I just recently finished the first game in the Mega Man Legends series and I can tell you that that game has a bunch of issues. The controls suck, frankly speaking, ┬áthere are quite a couple of design choices that reek of early 3D era and other smaller things. But the characters are so sympathetic and lovable (especially my beloved Trone Bonne) and I can see the game being very fun if they just realize what went wrong with the first game and build upon it. Now I can’t speak for Legends 2 yet, because I have yet to try it out, but what we can see in this most recent video from the third game’s “Prologue” looks very promising. The controls look crisp and the lock-on function is absolutely necessary.

Here’s hoping the Prologue will be fun and the full game will as well.

Source (with more videos)


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