The last Nintendo DS game to be a Kirby game

July 7th is the date Japanese players can D’AWWWW again.

Atsumete! Kirby – which translates to “Gather! Kirby” – will apparently be the last official Nintendo DS game and will feature not one, not two, but ten Kirbys. Can our cute-bladders stomach this much adorableness? I doubt it, but if I have to die young, I might as well do so playing a Kirby game!

So far there is not much known about the game, except that you control the Kirbys via touch screen and that there is ten of them. Will this end up being some kind of Lemmings-styled game? Will it just be a crazed up version of traditional Kirby gameplay? Why was this revealed on such a (rather) short notice? Will this game ever see a release outside of Japan? Please? PRETTY PLEASE? So many questions, so much pink fluff to make our heads explode with, but no answers just yet.


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