New Pokémon Game News..

Shit yeah! Charizard!

A while ago there was an announcement that a new Pokémon game would be revealed in Japanese magazine “Coro Coro”. What became of said reveal?

Well, apparently, “new game” wasn’t quite right, as the reveal turned out to be an update to the Japan-exclusive Pokémon arcade game called “Pokémon Battrio”. Bummer, right? Especially since it does not concern anybody outside of Japan, which includes me. I personally hadn’t even heard of that game.

Now it looks like there will be yet another new Pokémon game to be revealed in next month’s Coro Coro and Dengeki issues. I sure hope that one won’t be another bust like this last one was.

Also, I know you’re reading this, Nintendo: I want a Pokemon MMORPG, just let me design it and shit. Alright? Cool.


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