English Raiden’s Voice Actor “completely in the dark”

I want to do this.

Remember Metal Gear Solid: RISING? We haven’t heard anything about that game in a while, have we? Neither has Raiden’s English voice actor.

“I am completely in the dark. I have no answers. I have no idea. I have not been approached in anyway shape or form. There has been no communication. There’s been no information and I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve tried to make efforts to find out what’s happening and have not been able to get any answers at all.” says Quinton Flynn, the man who has been delivering Raiden’s voice to none-Japanese audiences so far. He now worries that somebody else might be taking his spot in Konami’s newest entry to the MGS series.

My first reaction would be that localization has just not yet started (which wouldn’t be good, but at least it wouldn’t cost a man his job), but he states that he has “reason to believe that [he’s] not involved at all”. Let’s just hope it does not turn out to be the case, for it would be weird to suddenly hear an entirely different Raiden. And let us also hope that localization for this game won’t be taking too long.



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