Call of Duty ELITE to be Monthly Subscription Service

Some time ago there were rumors of Activision creating some kind of subscription based platform for their games, we now know what exactly that is.

The Wall Street Journal is apparently a quick shot, as it prematurely released its load of information on Call of Duty Elite. The news about this game was supposed to be embargoed until a little later (from America’s perspective, the info was revealed¬†a day early).

Call of Duty Elite will have players paying a monthly fee in order to access features exclusive to that service. It will be a service to compliment Modern Warfare 3 and possibly other CoD titles and is not mandatory for playing online. What exactly the service will do is yet to be seen, so far it seems like subscribers will get all the map packs that are to be released “for free”, but we will have to wait for official announcements just a little bit longer.

If you care deeply, you probably won’t have to wait much longer until you get the full update from Activision themselves.

Well don’t I have great timing? The official trailer has been launched:


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