Nintendo’s next Console is Called Wii U

Nintendo finally came out with the official name for their new system and revealed a bunch of games that will be making their way onto it.

The Wii U’s controller, as rumored, features a touch screen and is fucking huge. It also has two circle pads as opposed to actual analog sticks 4 face and apparently 4 L and R. It also incorporates all kinds of motion control functions you have come to expect and a front facing camera. You can see it in the image above and if you ask me, that thing does not make a good first impression. I was kind of laughing at how ridiculous it looked but the more they kept talking about it, the less it bothered me. Nintendo seems to have put a lot of though into this design and the console in general.

The Wii U will let you play your games entirely on the controller, but doesn’t seem to be made for portable gaming, which probably means that you can’t go away too far from your system while playing because the games will be streamed from there to your controller. The really cool thing they explained is that you can have different things showing on your TV and on the controller, meaning you can play with or against somebody from entirely different perspectives without having to split the screen, which could create all kinds of incredible and new ways to experience multiplayer. Another, more simple way to use the controller’s screen would be inventory or menu management. The sky seems to be the limit for this thing and I’m actually excited now, after going through a phase of skepticism for the first few minutes.

The graphics appear to be at least on the PS3’s and Xbox 360’s level, as some of the third party games that were presented are also going to come out there and a short tech demo they showed looked pretty gorgeous.

One of the games that was announced was a new Smash Bros. game, which had me salivating and squealing with glee. The special thing about this specific reveal was the fact that it will come out for both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS, which is basically admitting that there will be some kind of connectivity between the systems (no surprises there, really). Some other games were Darksiders II, the new Assassin’s Creed, the new Aliens game, Ghost Recon, the second Metro game, surprisingly a Tekken that appears to be neither Tag Tournament 2 nor Tekken X Street Fighter, Ninja Gaiden 3, and a bunch of EA games (and thus possibly Battlefield 3).

My only real concern is the weight of that controller, as I am a puny nerd and I can not hold anything heavier than an average controller for more than 5 seconds.

Even though Nintendo didn’t actually show the console itself (unless the controller IS the whole thing, which I doubt), Nintendo takes the cake for best show of e3 this year as easily as- [I had to end this post here because I was about to make a terrible Portal joke]

After the conference this image of the actual console was released.


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