The OOT 3DS Bag isn’t Very Good

It almost seems like a custom for me to get my pre-order bonus after the actual game now.

So today I was greeted by a package by Amazon which made me wonder what it could be at first, but after the drowsiness left my brain I remembered: “It’s that pre-order Ocarina of Time 3D 3DS bag that I don’t need!”. And boy was I right.

As you can see, the thing looks pretty neat. The Zelda logo looks cool on the black fabric and you can “feel” said logo. But the bag itself is super thin. You can┬áslide your 3DS in there, but it doesn’t feel right at all and to get it out again you have to treat it like you want tooth paste to come out of its almost empty packaging. I was expecting something of a case with a zipper or something, not this. Who thought this was a good idea?

Oh well. It was free, it looks neat and I wasn’t going to use it anyway, so who am I to complain? I might hang it up on the wall or something. Maybe.


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