Watch Norcal Regionals!

Fighan GaemzIt’s a major fighting game tournament that’s going on this very weekend.

Due to a lack of worthwhile news to post and me having been busy throughout the day and also because fighting games are great I’m here to tell you to watch Norcal Regionals 9, which is happening right now and tomorrow (18th and 19th of June 2011) and features some of th biggest names in the fighting game community. To name just the ones most people should know: Justin Wong and Daigo (those guys).

Daigo is making his Marvel vs Capcom 3 “debut” in this one, meaning he hasn’t played that game publicly anywhere before and a lot of people in the community are anxious to see how he fares.

IPLAYWINNER is streaming the event in high quality with at-least-as-high quality commentary throughout all the games and whatever is to be seen there. Tune in!


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