Deadly Premonition’s Creator Wants to Make a New Game

And if you don’t know about Deadly Premonition you’re missing out.

Hidetaka “SWERY 65” Suehiro, the mastermind responsible for Deadly Premonition, states on his blog that he and his team really want to make another game, but as they are “only a developer” they “have to team up with a publisher” to actually bring it to our homes. He promises to be a good boy and not go weewee on your carpet if you team up with him:

“I promise I’ll make something good!


I’ll work real hard!

I’ll work until it kills me!

I’m gonna work harder than anyone’s ever worked before!

But, uh, I will need some rest from time to time…

But, but, but, you definitely won’t regret it. I mean it. Please!! (Haha)” He says.

Oh SWERY, please don’t die on us!

So if you’re a publisher, please support this guy. All of us would love to see what this guy and Access Games can come up with.


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