King of Fighters XIII Console Release Date and More

So after roughly 500 years a console port of King of Fighters XIII is finally making its way onto the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

July last year is when KOFXIII hit the arcades in Japan and it was received quite well, especially after XII was said to be an unworthy game for the KOF series. It is still being played actively by fighting games enthusiasts in Japan and there’s a scene for it in America as well, but what about places without arcades? Nope! But that problem shall soon be salvaged by the upcoming console release on the 27th of October. To make up for all the waiting we get an additional character: Billy Kane! He’s the dude in the header image, was part of previous KOF games and fights with a stick. Classy!

Here’s hoping that Billy will not be the only character they add.


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