The Speed Gamers’ Star Wars Marathon for an Entire Week!

These guys actually know how to play their games (for the most part)!

That Mario Marathon? Painful to watch actually! I know it was for charity but MAN could I not handle the degree of failure they were putting out there. The Speed Gamers on the other hand? Some of those guys are actually speedrunners and they are probably all passionate gamers and won’t fail too hard at their designated games.

The stream will actually be going on for an entire week with no breaks! How crazy is that? It started yesterday (sorry for being late), so there’s still a lot of stuff to go. And of course it’s all for a good cause. Your money will not only go to Direct Relief International but your comment will be read if you choose to donate and there’s a bunch of prizes to win. You have time until the 15th of July, so you may take your time.

Check them out on their site or on their Channel!


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