The Last Story Trademarked by Nintendo of America

The Last Story is one of the most highly requested Wii games by fans outside of Japan and while a European release has been confirmed for 2012, America is still waiting.

Nintendo of America has gone out of their way to state that The Last Story, among other well received Wii games, will not get an American release, which infuriated some, saddened others and just left everybody thinking: “Why?” Due to its European release there is an English translated version of this RPG, so localizing wouldn’t be a problem and we can well assume that the game would sell well enough in America, so what’s the problem?

Nintendo of America just might have heard the fans’ cries and just recently issued a trademark on The Last Story. Granted, this doesn’t prove or confirm that the game will ever see the light of an American release, but it’s a step in the right direction. What do you think?



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