Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Announced

First there was MvC3, then there were rumors and now there is Ultimate. With a ton of info and videos and all that crazy stuff.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is not known for being the most balanced game in the world and a lot of people were kept wishing for their favorite characters, so now Capcom has taken another chance at making everybody happy with their new iteration, which will feature 12 new characters, 8 new stages, balance changes, a spectator mode online and more. It will come out in November. So far, 4 of the 12 new characters have been revealed: Marvel’s Ghost Rider and Hawkeye and Capcom’s Firebrand and fan-favorite Strider Hiryu are going to enter the foray of fighters.

 One of the “new” stages I could make out was a Winter-y version of the already existing Cattleox Island, so I wonder whether that one counts towards the 8 new or if that means there will be a couple new versions of existing stages as well. Another new feature you can see in the gameplay videos is the fact that you can now activate X-Factor while airborn and it also makes you glow more crazily than ever before. Let’s just hope they “adjusted” the power you receive from using X-Factor so that it doesn’t get completely out of hand.

Anyway, check out all these videos:

Now all I need is Phoenix Wright and I will learn to like this game again. Either that or it needs to be reasonably balanced. For now let’s just get HYPE!

UPDATE: PHOENIX IS IN! This is a leak, but hey, we take what we can (though I do feel kind of sorry for the guys at Capcom):


In this Picture there are (from left to right): Nemesis, Vergil, Rocket Raccoon, Nova, Dr. Strange, Frank West, PHOENIX WRIGHT! and Iron Fist.


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