No More Irem Content on PSN

One of Irem's games.

Do you like R-Type? Do you own a PS3 or a PSP? Do you like digital distribution? Well, you’re boned!

Irem announced they would be pulling their games from PSN.  They didn’t give any reason at all, so why they did it is up for speculation.

The games that were pulled are:

R-Type Tactics (PSP)
Mousukesu based on Carton-kun (PSP)
Bumpy Trott Beagle Battle Tournament (PSP)
Ikuze! Gensan Yuyake Daikou Monogatari (PSP)
R-Type Tactics II Operation Bitter Chocolate (PSP)
Sengoku Esatsu Yugi Hototogisu Ran (PSP)
Sengoku Esatsu Yugi Hototogisu Dairan (PSP)
Narisokonai Eiyuutan: Story of the Sun and Moon (PSP)
R-Types (Game Archives)
R-Type Delta (Game Archives)
Gussun Paradise (Game Archives)
Irem Arcade Classics (Game Archives)

You have up until the 11th of August to get these titles. Otherwise, as I said, you’re boned!


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