Persona 4 Anime Trailer

I hope no one notices that this is only vaguely related to games anymore.

So we know this thing is coming this October and now we got a trailer to show us what the anime will be all about. And as far as I can tell literally everyone (literally!) from the game is in and everything (EVERYTHING!) that happens in the game is included. I can tell that much from not even two minutes of footage. I’m that much of an expert.

It’s very obvious now that it directly follows the story of the game now (if that wasn’t clear already) and the music seems to not only be very similar to the one from the game but the song in the trailer appears to be from one of the artists that worked on the original game. While I’m not sure that’s for everyone, to people who loved the game it just.. feels good man.

Prepare to d’awww at the end.


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