Exciting Technology to Make Polygons Obsolete?

If this works as well as they say and the industry adopts it, graphics could take a gigantic leap forward.

I wonder how well current hardware would be able to support this technology, especially the consoles. Because if the current or next generation of home consoles can’t support this and the only machines capable of this stuff are high end PCs we won’t be seeing a lot of it in the near future, which is a sad thought considering how amazing games could be made to look with it.

I’m not just talking realism here. Mario Galaxy and Wind Waker have proven without a doubt that games can look amazing with rather low-end graphics, but imagine what the artists that were able to deliver such beauty on hardware like that will be able to craft with “unlimited detail”! That thought gets me all excited.

Will this technology be adopted anytime soon? Does it excite you? Frighten you?


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