Summer Games Done Quick! SDA Marathon Starting Today

This is the real deal. Probably the best gaming marathon out there started just recently.

Do you like speedruns? If so, you have probably heard of SpeedDemosArchive , which is the biggest (and best) speedrunning site on this blue planet (yes, I’m talking about Mercury). A bunch of the guys who have submitted their record holding runs to the site have gathered for the third time to do it live! For charity!

They’re gaming their hearts out for the Organization for Autism Research and for you, because they love you. Dearly. So go ahead and “donate 5$ or more for a chance to win the world!” Wow!

Seriously though, these people are some of the best at what they’re doing and are cool and funny to boot. All the money will be going directly to the Organization for Autism Research. Give the marathon a watch and maybe support the good cause! Check it out here!

Correction: They were just setting things up. The actual marathon will start a bit later today.


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