The New Wii Model is the Same Size as Original

Earlier this month I reported that there would be a new Wii model and that it would drop GameCube support for a slimmer design. Turns out it’s no more slim than what we’re used to.

This is rich. Apparently this model sits on its side rather than vertically, which the old model was capable of as well, and it is the same size. This is all taking away further and further from the point of the whole deal. It seems pretty obvious that Nintendo of Europe (this thing is not coming to the US or Japan) just wants to produce cheaper hardware, which is a real shame, considering that redesigns of systems can certainly be done well and bring good things with them. Oh well, it’s not like my Wii will lose any of its features because of this model coming out. If you want a “real” Wii and you live in Europe, I implore you to get it soon, as the original will be discontinued soon.


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