Dragon Quest X Playable Online…

Only playable online!

There’s kind of trend going around with recent games that require you to be online to play them and while there is always a huge outcry whenever something like that gets announced (most recently Diablo 3, I think), it isn’t really an issue since I recon at least 90% of those raging nerds (pictured above) are online at all times anyway. Heck, I’m online pretty much constantly.

This particular story comes as kind of a surprise though: The next part of the incredibly successful series of JRPGs Dragon Quest X will require the player to be connected to the internet at all times. The game seems to be turning out to be some sort of semi-MMORPG, which would explain the internet-bit, but Square Enix has said that you will be able to play Dragon Quest X entirely by yourself, but you will only be able to see a limited amount of content if you’re not connected to the internet at all.

The first screenshot.

Dragon Quest X is slated to come out on the Wii in 2012 and also on the Wii U on a date to be announced. What is your stance on the whole thing? Do you mind being required to be online to play your games?


One response to “Dragon Quest X Playable Online…

  • bry4nfury

    i dont care for that game because i dont play online games.
    also: i cant read japanese and mmorpgs are for fools.

    but that first picture in that post is reall good!

    “Keep reaching for that rainbow”

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