Nintendo 3DS Addon Adds Another Circle Pad and a Button, Looks Terrible

Nintendo has been rumored to announce a redesign of their latest handheld soon, with some rumors even going so far as to say they’re adding things the original model is not capable of. Those rumors have just gotten much more probable.

So far, this addon is only known to be used by Monster Hunter 3G, but it could theoretically be used for any other upcoming title in the future. If the new 3DS model ends up having an additional circle pad and “R2-Button”, not getting this peripheral could very well limit early adopters’ library of future playable games.

To be honest, if that ends up being the case I’d rather get a new model than carry around this rather abominable thing. There’s just the issue of money.

Nintendo has never done anything like this, where the original model of their handheld has become obsolete, so I hope they’re not doing it this time.


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