Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney Looks Pretty Awesome in Motion

Somebody even had the courtesy to translate this one!

It’s been quiet around this game for quite some time since it was announced and now we finally get to see Phoenix Wright, his self-proclaimed assistant Maya, Professor Layton and his assistant Luke in full-on 3D. And what can I say? It looks really good! It’s nice to see Phoenix and Maya retain all their character in polygon and I can only assume the same goes for the Layton crew. The trailer takes place mainly inside a courtroom, which gives me hope that there will be a focus on the courtroom drama that I love. Naturally, the puzzle gameplay Layton-fans know and love won’t be missing from this, as the final line of text reads “This time, the puzzles are filled with contradictions…”

I can’t tell you what exactly that means, but I am definitely looking forward to finding out.


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