Tommy Wiseau Has A Show About Video Games

 And it is the worst thing I have ever seen.

Wow! I know “The Room” has been a cult hit for a while now and even I watched it and was slightly amused. It was just incredibly terrible in a funny way. From there Tommy Wiseau and his movie gained a large cult following and I’m not quite sure he is aware of the “real” reason he’s so “popular”. He seems kind of oblivious from a recent interview I’ve seen. Why would I watch an interview with Tommy Wiseau? Because he is now the star of the “Tommy Wi-Show”.

In it “T.W.” is being abducted by aliens who deem him “the strongest video game warrior” on earth and thus challenge him to play said video games. In the first episode he is urged to play Mortal Kombat 9 and he does… really really poorly. I don’t even want to sugarcoat any of this shit. He doesn’t even seem to be trying as he just keeps on hitting one button over and over again. He wins one round, is forced to switch characters, loses terribly. “The alien” scores his performance with a 3 out of 7 to which T.W. answers “but I’m so good”. And that’s basically all of it. I just told you everything so you don’t need to watch it. It’s not funny, Tommy is constantly sticking out his tongue and making faces as if the producers told him to act whacky or something, he says things that are obviously supposed to be funny but just aren’t. Not even in a “wow-this-is-so-bad”-way. It’s just sad. I’m sad.

I don’t even want to embed this video, but I feel like I have to. For completion’s sake.

Oh, at the very end Tommy says “Do a barrel roll!” I will now cry myself to sleep.


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