ITV Mistakes Video Game Footage for Reality, Looks Really Dumb For It

Or was it on purpose?

The weird quality of the footage they used tells me that British Media outlet ITV

a: are trying to fool their viewers by making the video as unrecognizable as possible.

b: were fooled themselves.

Either way, the fact that it says “IRA film 1988” shows that the viewer is supposed to think this is real.  To the trained gamer-eye it really seems weird that anyone would mistake this for reality and not question it, but from this it seems that non-gamers might actually not be able to tell the difference. It’s just a really weird way for video games to make it onto TV.

In case you were wondering: The game used to film this is ARMA 2.

Update: Looks like the video has been removed. Kind of ruins the story. Sorry about that.


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