Awesome UMvC3 Live Action Tutorial Series

If you at all care about Marvel vs Capcom 3 you should already be familiar with this series by Maximilian. What’s special about this one you ask?

It’s the fact that UMvC3 is not out yet. Capcom (and Marvel?) apparently really appreciate the work Maximilan has been putting into spreading the word of their game and enjoyed the way he does so enough to give him hands-on time with the game pre-release. Now he and his awesome crew will go through all 12 characters that are new in Ultimate and give them the live action tutorial treatment.

This first episode in what seems to be a 6 part deal deals with Capcom’s Strider Hiryu, a character that makes his return from Marvel vs Capcom 2, and Hawkeye, a Marvel character who is making his fighting game debut. Since each character only gets about half an episode, none of the characters will get touched on as much as the previous ones this series showed, but the intent here is probably to give everyone a quick look into what the new cast is capable of with some general tips and tricks thrown in.

I think it’s really awesome of Capcom to give someone from the community such an opportunity and I hope this isn’t going to be the last time.


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