PHOENIX WRIGHT and Nova Gameplay Videos for UMvC3

It was about god damn time!

My goodness am I excited! But before I go on, have a look at Nova, will you?

He looks alright. Sorry, I can’t get excited over this guy. Looks like he won’t be having problems getting around projectiles and zoning and he seems to have some good OTGs and other tools. Whatever.

Now let’s take a look at a match that shows off a good deal of Phoenix Wright’s and Nova’s play styles:

Whoo boy! Ok, so Nova seems to be able to cancel a lot of things into some sort of “empty” state, from where he can continue his combo or something? Looks prett yinteresting. He also has a lot of mobility and a bunch of projectile-defying moves. Let’s get to the real topic though: Phoenix Wright has really weird, jokey animations, which make him look like he’s hitting his opponents by accident as he’s doing other things. It’s a great way of putting this absolutely-not-a-fighter-character into a fighting game. His charming sidekick Maya is there to help him out with a bunch of moves, most notably a shield-type of thing that seems to stay on screen for quite a while and block projectiles and a Hyper, during which she runs forward and pummels the opponent(s) in front of her. Cute! She also seems to be his off-the-ground move. Phoenix Wright himself can throw around documents as a short ranged projectile with a rather large vertical range, point his finger to summon another type of projectile and find items on the floor (which seem to be stored in a rather interesting inventory-bar above his Hyper-meter) and chuck them at an enemy. His second Hyper is him replaying an iconic scene from the second game in the Ace Attourney series, as the Judge slams him and his opponent with a large hammer for pretty good damage (only to his opponent, luckily). The move that gets me really excited though is his OBJECTION!. I had been wondering how they would treat the most obvious move he had to have in this game. Would it be a special move? a Hyper? His level 3? They found and amazing and unique solution. It’s a special move that, when it hits the opponent, seems to put him into a serious-mode type state during which he glows and has amazing (and recognizable) music playing. During that mode his moves seem improved and his level 3 becomes available, which is a pretty sweet full animation Hyper. The only thing I don’t find amazing about him is his voice, so I hope his Japanese dub has more spunk to it.

You could say I’m happy with how Mr. Wright turned out. Nova’s fine, too.

Update: Oops! There’s another match video:

After watching this one, it appears to me that you can only use OBJECTION! when you have all your inventory slots filled, as the Level 3 shows all of the ones you got in its animation. Also, the serious mode lasts really long, which is super sweet. This is only getting better and better!


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