Devil May Cry HD Collection Announced

Just weeks after I thought to myself “MAAAAAAN! I wish DMC3 got a rerelease so I could play it on a recent system because the PC port’s gamepad support is bullshit.” comes this sweet little announcement.

Following the relatively recent trend of HD remakes/collections, Capcom is about to make all Devil May Cry games playable on today’s hardware. As DMC4 is already an Xbox360/PS3 game, that means we’re getting updated versions of Devil May Cry 1, 2 and 3.

Capcom promises upgraded visuals, achievements/trophies and “a wealth of new content for fans and newcomers alike”. Whatever that means. With a price tag of 40$ this should be quite the deal for people who have yet to play either of those games. Even if the general opinion is that DMC2 was not a good game, there’s 2 good ones remaining. This is set for an “early” 2012 release.


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