Pandaren and Pet Training Coming to WoW


I remember about 2 or 3 years back I was talking to a friend about World of Warcraft and how I got bored of it relatively fast. We somehow got to the topic of pandaren as a race, as the Pandaren Brewmaster was one of my favorite heroes in Warcraft III. I said something along the lines of “If pandaren ever become playable in WoW I might pick it up again”, and now here I am, not having cared for World of Warcraft in years, when suddenly Blizzard reveals the pandaren as a playable race with a new monk class and a pretty neat, Asian looking area called Pandaria to explore. Naturally my interest was raised and I was playing with the thought. “Maybe” I thought. Maybe!

And then, the same day, the same conference during Blizzcon, pet training became a thing. If you have a brain, you too must have always thought that a Pokemon MMORPG would be the greatest invention of all time and that is pretty much exactly what said pet training is looking to be. Before this, pets were just little things that would walk alongside your character and do nothing else but now you will be able to encounter wild pets in the world, capture them, train them, fight other pet trainers and so on. Sound familiar? Sure, the WoW pets aren’t as charming as actual Pokemon, but you have to respect the fact that the idea is basically the same.

And that was a story all about how my life got twisted upside down and I’m sorry for taking a minute while you just sat right there as I told you how I might actually start playing a panda bear.


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