Diablo III Most Likely Coming to Consoles

While there is no official announcement quite yet, Blizzard is openly talking about the controls of a Diablo 3 console version.

For the first time since the original Diablo, console gamers will be able to enjoy the premiere hack and slash series and if you’re worried about how the very mouseclick-heavy gameplay is going to transit to your (mostly) mouse-less home system, Blizzard has you covered:

“The movement actually feels better on the controller. Targeting is the issue. Most of the schemes the team has come up for choosing what to attack and loot require a reticule, “which we really don’t want to do. Monster distribution and AI also feels a little bit different than it does on the PC version.”

Said Jay Wilson, game director behind Diablo 3. As to why they’re not just making an official announcement, Wilson answers: “Because we don’t want to announce something until we’re sure.” Sounds like the smart thing to do. Still, I think we can be pretty sure this will happen.


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