Kuma and Naoto Join the Persona 4 Fighting Game Fray, No One is Surprised

This is bearly news.

Naoto is looking to be a zoning type character, as she is shown shooting her gun and generally not standing close to her opponents in the screenshots that appeared alongside her reveal on the official site. Kuma, also known as Teddie, on the other hand looks to be going full-body by throwing himself at the enemy and it looks like he can make his bearsona persona throw rockets at his foes. That might just be one of his supers – or whatever they’re going to be called in this game – though. Anyway, it’s not to see this slowly shaping up into a roster of all the characters you would expect. On the other hand there are only three slots left on the official site’s character select screen, which means that there won’t be that much more to be added character wise. Unless, of course, we’re being teased here.


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