Kickstart to Choose One of Three Possible Games

An indie developer is taking a relatively unique approach at making their game a reality.

Mob Rules has 3 very different ideas that they could turn into games given the resources, but instead of asking “the man” for money and doing a mediocre job at all of them, Mob Rules has chosen to ask “the people” to back them and choose which game they should work on using Kickstarter.

The games to vote on are Guerrilla Gorilla: a game about a gorilla trying to fight “the man”, Haunts, in which 2 players have a psychological battle in a haunted house and The Last Second, which has the players trying to save people from disaster by stopping time in the last second. While Guerrilla Gorilla is a great name for anything really, The Last Second reminds me a lot of Ghost Trick, which I loved a lot. So were I to back any of these, I would probably go for The Last Second.

How it works is that you back the project with however much money you want (starting at 1$) and for every dollar you back with you get 10 votes that you can cast on the game(s) of your choosing. The more you back the greater your reward will be later, as is (almost?) always the case on Kickstarter. And if the project fails you don’t lose any money, because that’s how Kickstarter works! Neat, huh?

You can find the Kickstarter project here, where you will also find a video describing everything you need to know.


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