Indie Royal!

There is a new indie bundle thing in town and it’s talking business. Serious business!

So here is how this one works: You can buy the current bundle for the price that is given on the site and get the games in it or you can pay more so the price for everyone else will be lowered. Why would you want to do that? Because the price keeps increasing on its own like some weird slimey monster or something and YOU have the power to fight it! Also, wouldn’t you feel all warm and fuzzy knowing you’ve given poorer people the chance to get this? No? Well, you’d still be a MONSTER SLAYING HERO! Sort of.. in a way.. I guess.

After a given amount of time the bundle will become unavailable and the next one is sure to follow a little later to do the same thing again.

The current bundle includes A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda, Gemini Rue, Sanctum and Nimbus. Gemini Rue alone is more than worth the less-than 4€, so if you still haven’t played that, I implore you to get this. You still have almost 4 days left as of this posting, so jump on it!

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