Rocket Raccoon and Frank West Reveal Trailers For UMvC3

That and a bit of actual gameplay.

I like Rocket Raccoon. Not only is he a raccoon, he also seems to have a funny personality and a fitting accent. He also has way more tools for mobility that I would have expected and he doesn’t seem quite as focused on zoning as I feared. I’m definitely giving him a try.

Frank West is also looking pretty cool, with a lot of range on his normal and special moves, which even increases as he hits the opponent with his photo-taking-special more often. He can also drink alcohol to power himself up in some way but he risks being caught off guard as drinking makes him puke after some amount of time. He seems like the gambler’s kind of character, where you can get a ton of damage for taking a couple of risks but you just might lose your character if you’re unlucky. Also, Servbot helmets.

Now have these gameplay videos, which neatly show some of the ways you can use both new additions to the UMvC3 roster:


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