Steam Autumn Sale

Do you like videogames? Do you like having video games? Do you like paying very little for your videogames? Do you sometimes run around the block in you grandma’s clothing? If you answered positively to at least some of those questions, I got just the thing for you.

YUP! I got some old lady-clothes for you! No, sadly I don’t. I’m sure you’re super disappointed now, but Steam has some sweet offers on some sweet (and some maybe not so sweet) games starting today. There’s Portal 2 for only about 10€ (and probably even less in $), the Sam and Max Complete Pack for less than 13€ and a lot more. The deals change everyday though, so keep on checking back if you’re curious.

You can find all of those deals here until the 27th of November. And then it won#t be long until the Winter/Christmas sale. If your goal for next year is to be poor and/or to have a billion gazillion games, this is the time to strike!

I know this isn’t quite a purple dress, but it’s something, right?


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