Over an Hour of Super Dragon Ball Z Tournament Action

A Dragon Ball themed fighting game I had never seen before that is actually good? How did this happen?

Super Dragon Ball Z was originally an arcade game and was later released on Playstation 2¬†with a couple of extra characters and stuff. It seems like it has everything a good fighting game needs: high-/low-mixups, space control/zoning, rushdown and viable keep away. Looks like it has crossups as well. And while it has all these typical 2D fighting elements it still plays in a 3D environment in which characters can dodge sideways, fly and do what you’d expect Dragonball Z characters to do. The video even shows off a pretty wide variety of characters, which shows that a good portion of the cast seems viable in competitive play. As a Kuririn-fan that made me pretty excited.

Super Dragon Ball Z seems like a legit, proper, good fighting game and I’m kind of sad it passed me by when it was new.


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