Awesome Games Done Quick 2012

The awesome people at SpeedDemosArchive are about to start another marathon to raise money for charity by beating games in record time.

Starting today, January 4, in about two hours from now Awesome Games Done Quick will get going officially. They’re starting it off with Psychonauts and, unless technical hiccups cause problems, won’t stop streaming their marathon until the 9th of the same month. The goal is to show live speedruns of (awesome) games and raffle off related prizes to viewers for donations towards the “Prevent Cancer Foundation”. They have some special events planned; like races; and they’re probably going to take requests on a number of things during their runs. Check out the full schedule to see the mountain of games they’ll be playing and when they’ll roughly be on.

Tune in, maybe donate and get your mind blown by the ridiculous things the runners are bound to pull off!


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