Namco Says: No Crotch For You!

What you see there is Voldo’s, one of the Soul Calibur staple characters, crotch. Apparently that doesn’t make for acceptable advertisement.

I personally hate Voldo, as he is an annoying piece of shit, but that poster is genius. After the debacle that was the Ivy-boobies-poster, which had some of the most unerotic and ugly cleavages I have ever seen, this crotch-shot seemed like a nudge to all of us who thought that way and worked quite well as a sort-of apology in a humorous way. But it seems like the people have spoken and they found Voldo’s juicy thighs so offensive that they had to call their mothers and get Namco to pull this brilliant advertisement from Facebook, where they originally published it.

Oh well, it’ll be forever saved pretty much everywhere on the internet, including here.


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