Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter

Tim Schafer needs your help! And so does the WORLD OF ADVENTURES!

Double Fine, who have adventure-game legends Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert working for them, are looking to finally create another adventure, but they’re afraid no publisher would fund them. So they decided to reach out to the fans on Kickstarter to back them with a measly 400,000$. Backing them with at least 15$ will net you the game’s beta, the full game and the documentary they are filming of the whole project. As soon as those things are ready, naturally. The more you back the bigger your rewards get, so check them out!

If you are worried about whether this game will get made or not though, it’s all good! Just a couple of hours after the project was launched, the goal has already been reached. As of this moment 593,871$ have been acquired. Still no reason not to back them though, as additional funds will be used for the greater good of mankind! And maybe to make the game better or something.


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