The Greatest Game That Has Yet to be Made

Just fucking think about this one for a second and you’ll know it’s the most amazing idea anybody has ever had.

Come on, seriously: You pick your Pokemon’s attack the same way you’d pick your chips in the Mega Man Battle Network series and move around the same way. Except you choose only one of your 4 attacks, since that’s how Pokemon work. Besides  that the menu could contain an items sub-menu, a Pokemon-change sub-menu and I guess it could have a run-option as well. Weaknesses and all the strategic stuff from the RPGs would still apply. You could even add a level-up system and change the rate at which the action-gauge fills up by how high the Pokemon’s speed stat is etc etc. You get the idea.

Now use this battle system in your everyday-Pokemon game and we have a motherfucking winner. I cunting dare you to tell me this idea isn’t GENIUS. I double-chilli-fries-DARE you!


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