Final Skullgirls Character Revealed

Gametrailers once again got the scoop on a new Skullgirls character with a walkthrough of what she is capable of.

Double is her name and she is kind of gross. She fights using the other characters’ abilities and moves, but very clearly has her own feel and way to utilize those moves. Her Supers are pretty amazing and fun and you can tell by the way Mike Z, one of the master minds behind Skullgirls, talks about her that the team put a lot of love into Double and every other part of the game.

Now that the finalized cast for the game’s initial release has been revealed, are you happy with what they got? Reverge Labs has stated that they’d be adding more characters via DLC as time progresses, so are you excited and willing to get this game? I am and I will find you if you aren’t.

Check out the videos over at Part1 Part 2


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