Deadly Premoniton: Director’s Cut Coming to PS3

Finally Sony-Loyalists will get a chance to bask in this game’s glory.

In Japan, Red Seeds Profile (the original name of the game) was released on both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3, but since the success of this game oversees was very uncertain, it was only published on Microsoft’s system in the rest of the world. Now that Deadly Premonition has become a cult hit it’s coming to the PS3 and the best thing about it? It will have Playstation Move support! AW YEAH BITCHEZ! I’m guessing this will allow for some Resident Evil 4 Wii-esque controls or, since this is Deadly Premonition, it will be used to hold your coffee and look for letters inside of it. Either way, this is such a silly idea that it can only be awesome. Seems like we’ll have to wait for more news from Swery until E3 though.



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