Wasteland 2 Kickstarter

Do you like Fallout? Or maybe just the post-apocalyptic setting in itself? I might have something for you then.

One could say Wasteland was the spiritual predecessor of Fallout and thus the whole post-apocalyptic RPG-type genre. Brian Fargo, who worked on that game and the first two Fallouts, has apparently seen the light in the recent uprising of Kickstarter-funded projects and wants to revive his beloved “franchise” using these means. He asks for a backing of a whopping 900,000$, but promises good work done by a team of capable men who also did work on his former projects. Wasteland 2 is going to be a turn- and party-based RPG in a world gone to shit if it does get made, so if that’s your thing you should get on Kickstarter and back that! Also, in case you don’t quite know about Kickstarter yet: If you back the project and it does not reach its goal, you don’t pay a thing. In other words: Your money is safe, so don’t worry!


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