Skullgirls Release Date Leaked?

I’m not one to trust rumors, but if we can trust anybody on a leaked release date on Xbox Live it’s probably Xbox Live.

You should all know that I’m really looking forward to this independent fighting game, but up until now nobody really knew when the game would be coming out, but due to somebody sniffing out the Xbox Live Marketplace site on Skullgirls, that just changed. The site clearly states a release date on their platform on the 4th of April, which is really soon. The only weird thing about this is that Reverge Labs has not said anything about this yet, so the date isn’t 100% assured, but it’s still highly likely to be correct.

With SFxT, KOF13, this game and Persona 4 Arena on the fighting game horizon I have to wonder if there will even be enough time to learn them all. I’m willing, but am I able? Are you? IS ANYONE?


One response to “Skullgirls Release Date Leaked?

  • Westen

    That would be great news if true. I’m not really into fighting games, but Skullgirls is apparently pretty accessible for someone like me.

    I wouldn’t totally trust it though, this has happened a few times now with a release date showing up on a XBL page like that. Fez and Trails Evolution I believe. And both times they ended up denying it and taking the date down.

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