First Asura’s Wrath DLC Out Now

On PSN. Or tomorrow on Xbox Live.

The DLC that is out now/tomorrow contains one new episode, namely 11.5, which covers events between episodes 11 and 12. Next week the next episode, 15.5 will come out and you can probably guess what that one will cover. The bigger deal though is April 24, as that’s the release date for 4 more episodes that will not just fill in blanks between former episodes, but actually continue the story of the main game.

But the rage never dies, so there’s even more! In May the formerly teased crossover with Street Fighter is going down with Ryu becoming available as an opponent on the 9th and Akuma/Gouki on the 16th.

Each DLC-pack will costĀ 1.99$/160 MS points except for the 4-episode-bundle, which isĀ 6.99$/560 MS Points. I’d say those are pretty affordable prices. In other news I still need to play this game.



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