Check Out Torchlight II’s Pets

Did you forget about this game because of Diablo III’s release date? You are a bad person!

If you liked Torchlight (which you should since it’s great) you probably liked its pets. They allowed you to carry around more loot and even sell it on the fly by running back to town with whatever you didn’t want anymore and coming back with some cash. hey could fight as well and even learn a couple spells! How amazing is that? Torchlight II is looking to keep that mechanic and build on top of it and the first look we get at them is the fact that there are way more pets to choose from. All of them are straight up adorable. Even the stupid-looking Bulldog has massive amounts of charm to it.

I’m especially liking the Panther, but the Cat, the Wolf and the Chakawary are possible picks for me as well. Which one do you like?



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