Pokemon Black/White 2 Trailer

Seems like there is more to this one than the typical Yellow/Gold-Treatment.

The trailer shows and talks about a new story, all new characters, new gym leaders and so on and so forth and all the footage shown makes it look like an entirely new entry to the series rather than the remake most people were expecting. Maybe the team had all these ideas for a new Pokemon title but didn’t have enough new Pokemon, so they just went and put a 2 at the end of the previous games’ names. Or maybe this trailer is deceiving and there isn’t as much new content as it seems. Who knows?

Regardless, the new female trainer is adorable.


One response to “Pokemon Black/White 2 Trailer

  • ZenGwen

    Oh man. You know, I’ve been off Pokemon for years, but now I’m feeling the urge again. Damn you! :P

    Where’d I put my emulator…

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