PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for PS3

I was 100% convinced that this was fake before seeing this official video.

Rumors about a Sony Smash Bros.-thing had been making their rounds for years and most people just wrote them off as wishful thinking. Lately though, talk about this thing has been springing up again and then there were videos of the actual game and people claimed to have played it.

Now if it wasn’t for this official video by Sony themselves I would not have believed the gameplay shown to be an actual game. Why? This looks 100% like a Smash Bros rom hack. The movement, the moves, the stages, the gameplay, the way it looks when characters get hit, that footage of some super-move where a character leaves the screen and then shoots at his opponent from afar (think Snake’s Final Smash from Smash Bros. Brawl), everything is just way too reminiscent of the game we’ve been playing for a while. But it turns out this is real and that is what the game actually looks like.

Honestly, this blows my mind. The gaming world has never been a stranger to straight up copying one company’s ideas and I don’t mind that at all, it’s just the fact that this looks EXACTLY like Smash Bros. that threw me off. Another issue this game might face is that Sony’s characters just aren’t nearly as iconic as most of Nintendo’s cast. Still, if the game is fun and Sony, unlike Nintendo with Brawl, supports this game on a competitive level, this could be really cool.

My mind is still blown about this being real, though.


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