La Mulana Not Coming to Europe or America

Now all of you can stop believing in god.

La Mulana has been out in Japan for about 5000 years now and most people have probably forgotten about it by now, but this Wii Ware masterpiece was supposed to reach the outside world. That is until just now, when Nicalis announced that they’re canceling their attempt to publish La Mulana in North America and Europe.

It seems like the reason was the game’s localized version not being “finished”:

“If Nintendo says a game isn’t ready for release, then it’s not ready for release. Called it unfinished or unapproved–whichever you like.”

This is pretty sad, as La Mulana looks like a damn fine game that deserves all the attention it could get.¬†Nicalis suggests you support the game by getting the PC version if you care about the game, but they’ve been waiting for over two years, so it isn’t happening on the Wii anymore.


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